Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ram Orion - A small smile

R.I.P Kol Hakampus. Thank you for making me feel at home in a strange land and for opening my heart to new sounds, voices, and ideas.

Placing a little butt
On a big suitcase
And traveling with lots of banknotes
You know
That I'm not here
The radio is beeping the news

If you said
What you needed to say,
What needs to happen has happened
And if not,
Don't think about it,
The year 2000 is over

Cursing the dust, shedding tears
The path isn't easy to get to
You know I was wrong, I have no complaints
Just smile a little smile

You would like to
Tie my hands
And shout Fu-kaki-kooki
You know
That I'm not here
The radio is beeping news
(It's 5 o' clock again!)

Cursing the dust...

The banknotes are flying from my hand
This island is so far from you

Taken from Ram Orion's album 'Yes'.


  1. ואני אהבתי להקשיב את רשת ג — רוק בישראל עם יואב יפת ויוסי כסיף. אבל הכל השתנה עם כאן גימן.

  2. Kol HaCampus will always live in our memories... ein ma laasot :/