Saturday, September 23, 2017

Malabi Tropical - Coco Man

During the last week of August I became slightly obsessed with a certain Coco Man and followed Conan O' Brien's adventures in Israel (along with the rest of the country!). Now the full episode of Conan in Israel is here and it's so heartwarming to see how O'Brien isn't afraid to confront complex situations while treating everyone he meets with kindness and respect. If only I could hang out with Sami from Bethlehem!

Malabi Tropical never fail to put me in a good mood. They define themselves as a multicultural fiesta:"Our music represents, the fusion, and the evolution, of the multicultural societies in which we are inspired, imigrations have influenced all cultures and the result is the flavour, that can be tasted in all music, food, dance, art etc..."

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