Saturday, August 26, 2017

Ortega - Good Karma

Just six more days until summer vacation ends and I've had enough of teens roaming the streets late at night and taking over the neighborhood parks, talking loudly and listening to Ortega's songs on their phones. At least they're listening to something good!

Getting out of the Tel Avivness and the coolness of life
To the masses, it doesn't feel nice
Less activity is numbing
When positivism will come naturally we'll direct the way

The highest there is because sometimes the road isn't easy
I find in digitality a relief
It's heads or tails yo an uneasy bet
Just the casting will give me the layup into the net

Just a network
The horizon is the colors of the rainbow
When freeness spreads
Its wings then
I'm flying

Hey Mama
Where is there no drama?
Where is the balance between the nonsense

Good karma
I'm requesting
I want to be there too

To see through me you don't need an X-ray
Just a gut feeling
Grabbing an elevator straight into heaven

Taking off a stone from the heart, the talk is in hell
They told me O.T you're hot
I said bye thank you and goodbye

I'm leaving regrets behind me
And the start-up to the dream
You've gone through all you've gone through in order to give air to breathe
To all those who lost the way, King just go with the flow
They'll understand that today there's kind of a naked King

Whatever there is is never enough
Money, fame, and chasing after the peak
Everyone's a big shot when the gun makes the click
But when the boom comes everything happens so quick

And then everything that concerns
Is how do I get more?
Much newer, shinier, bigger
But I'm not worried about that
I'm on my way to the gig writing the song
I got to do what I love


  1. !תודה! לא יודע הרבה על ראף בארץ. נעים