Thursday, October 5, 2017

Alon Lotringer - A doll inside a doll

When David Pearl was 15 he came across 'Report from Occurrence', a slim book of poems by Yotam Reuveni, published in 1979. He stole the book from a library in Northern Israel and now, 15 years later, he is returning the poems to the public in the form of an impressive album titled 'The Most Beautiful Hour'. The album features 28 artists, some more known than others, each giving their own interpretation to Reuveni's intimate poems. I love how gentle this song by Alon Lotringer feels. Like a light drizzle that washes away all the mess outside.

I say what I don't know
What I know I keep
To myself when I go around
In these places
And at night when I call a child
To see
How I lock up the yearning
Inside myself a doll inside a doll
Inside a cracked doll I
Lock up my yearning inside myself

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