Saturday, November 5, 2016

Avi Adaki - Suddenly

Avi Adaki is known as the singing plumber because that's what he does for a living, in order to be able to make meaningful protest music for his soul, and ours. Adaki just released his third album titled Eretz, though in Hebrew it is written in initials, standing for Public Rock Album. Adaki delivers his political poetry out of sincere concern, capturing the frustration and absurdity of our time.

Suddenly | thoughts took me over | about life | at least about this one
They say | And what they really | show | a middle finger

Sara wants too much | The Finance Minister less
And when they're on the same line | You are asked to be quiet

Suddenly I bumped into the facts | helplessly | I wanted others
Destroying | And when will we come to our senses | they're doing to us what they please

The Minister of Regional Cooperation | Economy | Communications | Foreign Policy
The Prime Minister | The Interior Minister | everyone can just jump it | can jump

Organized crime | financed evil | ten on a scale of nine
An armored vehicle | a well-oiled motto | whatever you want | it's there

It's there | it's | fire fire | fire fire | fire fire | shhh

An exchange of words:
lyrics: Avital Keshet

Me, dad and Nissim from the grocery shop
Exchange speech with products
It's good that speech hasn't scorched yet
There are days when you can't exchange speech
The streets are empty
The next day we get up
As if nothing happened
Luckily Nissim returns and sells to us on credit
In exchange, the word is replaced
With another word
We'll pay tomorrow
It'll be okay
Nissim says
The fear is reflected from his eyes
Brush your tongue
Always be a nice girl
And we'll buy the paper
My father sighs and says
There is no news in there

For already a whole year my father has been unemployed
In coffee shops the crowds wait for him to speak, for an understanding
My father analyzes for them what the newspaper and the Prime Minister say
It's always good
That there is someone to exchange words with

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