Monday, November 21, 2016

Soul J - A Little Bit More

So sweet! ♥

Just a little bit more and soon we'll get there
Just leave a little more air to breathe
Just a little bit more up to the sky
Believe me, there is something to dream about

We fell and got up, we loved, we we got mad, yet we continued anyways
To see the good, to support, to love, look at what we've been through
From here it's together, we'll find peacefulness, listen to what I'm saying
Everything will work out
Even when I was wrong you still waited for me with open arms
Sealed lips and loving eyes
I know it's not easy to live on luck
But I was born a winner
Everything will work out

A little bit more...

I promised you a starlit sky
I told you you'll see that life will work out on its own
And in the meantime the years are pasing by, we're still not there yet
Thet say that a woman is like the moon, a man is like the sun
The light is reflected through her
In the darkness, on the road, sometimes the flame is small
As long as we're together planting faith
Love will grow
Take a breath and you'll see that we'll reap in joy

A little bit more...

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