Saturday, October 29, 2016

Moti Amir - Trees

I remember that I already forgot stories that once
You told me or I told you or they told us and we listened together
Trees fall behind our parents' house
Dad is silent in the garden counting wars
Which can't be won
A man against his years rocks against the wind trees against bulldozers
I remember that I already forgot songs that once
You played for me or I played for you or they played for us and we listened together

I didn't go to InDnegev this year but that didn't stop me from going over the line-up and seeing who is playing when and on which stage. It's always curious to see who is opening the day so it was nice to discover that Moti Amir played Friday morning at the fittingly named InDtox stage, which from what I gathered is the more Jewish/spiritual area with Kabbalat Shabbat and rebirthing. One of the founders of the festival has become more religious over the years so it makes sense that the festival will include artists like Moti Amir and not just the usual indie acts you can find on stages in Tel Aviv. In any case, I'm glad I discovered him and this song, which is very fitting for these chilly fall afternoons.

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