Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yossi Suede-Mayim Achronim

Yossi Suede, leader of the Jerusalem folk (and cult) group "Cham Umechamem Boom" (active from 1999-2011) is back with a debut solo album and it's interesting to see how the years have influenced his music. According to this article Mayim Achronim (which I just discovered its meaning today) was born "from leaving Jerusalem and [Suede's] feelings that he no longer has a place in it. In the song there are many motives from Judaism and the Hassidic world, which are connected with the difficult reality and grayness of the city". There is definitely a sober feeling to this song, like waking up from a wild party, but there's also something very optimistic about it, maybe it's the whole mentality of "smile, everything's for the best" which tends to clash with the cynicism shared by so many people here. Just to put thing in perspective, this is the side of Jerusalem (and Israel) that's much more familiar to me (in Hebrew, but so, so funny).

Mayim Achronim I am looking for diamonds in the streets of Jerusalem
Last sunlight when you touch the summit you will say here it comes
You long my dear, come back again
Mayim Achronim I met beggars in the palaces of Jerusalem
A crooked eye I paid for a blessing they told me here it comes
You long my dear, come back again
Even if you are wearing stone
Who conquered whom who killed whom who expelled whom Jerusalem
White skin if you hear a war warn here it comes
Solar on a puddle shows the rainbow of the covenant of Genesis trickling over Jerusalem
You long my dear, come back again
Even if you are wearing stone
Decorated with a wall
Mayim Achronim I met priests in the ruins of Jerusalem
A moment of unity between dream and reality I yelled-it's coming
The lost came I was pushed to the sides in my battle over Temple Mount
You long my dear
Come disperse again to my eyes, to our eyes
You kicked out your youngest son
And you were sold to foreigners
I remembered your piety
Do not forget too
Those who remember that you are
And containing

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