Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nechi Nech - i-Dishe Rasta Man

I always thought it would be an interesting idea to photograph a "Humans of New York" style portfolio of different cities in Israel. My first thought was Ramat Gan, with its mix of immigrants from different corners of the world and the country who have quickly established their roots. Something about the place feels more permanent and authentic than Tel Aviv which for many is just a stop (however enjoyable) along the way. But then I saw this clip and realized that this is the true Israel that's often overlooked. The clip was filmed in the "Tkuma" neighborhood of Petach Tikva but there are so many similar neighborhoods throughout the country, usually on the peripheries of cities, usually serving as home to waves of immigrants. This clip doesn't have the inspirational quotes of HONY but it does give a glimpse of life in "the neighborhood" and the expressions on everyone's faces are so powerful and revealing.
Besides, it's a great song which is getting justified radio air play. It was written by Nechi Nech and Ehud Banai, and it's inspired by one of Banai's earliest songs of the same name. Nechi Nech is a true rising star-he's been around for a while but I first came across his name with the radio hit "Coffee and Cigarettes", one of the more powerful and honest songs I've heard in quite a while. Check out his recent album over on bandcamp.

I'm i-Dishe-Rasta Man and I have no fear
Everybody sing along with me
I'm i-Dishe-Rasta Man and I have no fear
Everybody sing along with me

i-Dishe-Rasta Man fights every day to breathe
Gives Thanks to God when he rises and when he goes to bed
Supports the family, takes care of his friends
Who make sure to raise the volume of the speakers
i-Dishe Rasta Man a true Israeli
Doesn't deal with bullshit, and speaks only the truth
So who, raise one hand up with me
Ichi Ban is number one so yalla!

I'm i-Dishe-Rasta Man...

I have no fear to dare to fulfill my dreams
To swim against the tide and to break conventions
I say my truth, without pressing on the brakes
Straightforward, without lies or interests
Sends respect to the brothers who believed and influenced
Comes from the neighborhood so he never forgets who he is
Runs the talk between the buildings
Knows that there is one up there managing everything
Gives everyone equal treatment it's important to always remember
Regardless of religion, race, gender, ethnicity or skin color
Sees all his life everyone fighting against themselves
So he always believes in free love

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