Friday, August 29, 2014

Sharon Gesthalter - Gone

Sometimes I linger in the longing for you
Sometimes I wonder if it ever was true
The scent of your cheek on a stranger's face
Sends me away to a desperate place

And then I am gone

I think of the days spent waiting for you
And all of the nights in search of a clue
The truth of it all rings loud and clear
Your voice echoes in me
You're not here

And then I am gone



  1. Wonderful... Why are sad love songs always the best – or: why do sad love songs touch our deepest middle the most? In realty we all want happy endings, don’t we? So actually we should like happy love songs more. Aporia? --- Well, I think we like the things most which we can identify with, which reflect our own situation, experiences or memories. But that would mean most of us are singles or in an unfulfilling or on cheating based relationships or have more sad than happy love memories. Why do these thoughts make me feel blue like this song…?

  2. Thanks for sharing-I never thought about it that way. Personally I enjoy sad music because of the raw emotion, no matter what my situation or mood is, but maybe that's just me