Friday, August 15, 2014

LION TREE - Sunlight

Over the last week it felt like a dark cloud was lifted from the sky and the city magically transformed back into how it should be in August: packed cafes and beaches, traffic everywhere, no parking and lots and lots of French tourists. What was once annoying is now so very welcoming. I've lost track of when this cease-fire is supposed to end, right now we have the quiet present which just so happens to be in the Summer and for now it's enough.

"We believe our songs are a true merge between our love for pop music and a sense for undeniable honesty that we can't ever ever ever ever give up on...not for any price...."
Netta and Arie, lead singers of LION TREE. Check them out!

Every night,
Coming to see the light.
Washing off and ignite,
All that is out of sight.

Throwing out,
All that is black and white.
All that is wrong or right,
Every night.

But I can't fall asleep and now I'm in too deep
And it's...

Sunlight 'till the Moonlight...

Every day,
Calling me out to play
For a moment it's all ok,
For a moment it's here to stay.

Throw away,
All that is painted gray.
All that is by the way,
Every day.

And it's Sunlight 'till the Moonlight...

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