Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Los Caparos-Duda

Well, Purim came and went and all that's left are dazed memories, facebook pics and useless costumes. This year it felt extra long because although the holiday itself was on Sunday and Monday (I still have no idea what's the difference between both dates), the celebrations started the previous Thursday, making it extra hard to get back to normal. I'm not really sure how to explain the word "duda" but it basically means being in a funky, lazy state, possibly hungover. It's also used as a verb to describe a strong yearning for something, usually munchies in the middle of the night. Anyways, this song captures perfectly the feeling of the morning after a party when you just want to blow everything off, shut the curtains and lie in bed. They just released a  video with exactly that scenario, including glimpses of a wild Purim party. I really love this version because it captures how wild they are in concert (and the video isn't on youtube yet and I'm technologically challenged). Los Caparos are quickly taking the country by storm with their Russian ska groove, laid back style and crazy and charismatic solo singer. They're a super refreshing group in the music scene and kind of feel like what happens when you drink Vodka (or Arak) in the sun. They just released their second album "Haim BeSeret" (living in a movie) and if this song has left you with a duda for more, check them out here:

Don't ask me why
I'm in such a mess
Don't ask me when
I'll leave the house
To fight with you I have no strength for
So don't dictate my schedule
It makes me brutal
It jumps my fuse

Today I am in duda
Duda blues

Yesterday we went out and we found
It was... ben zona
All of the world was ours
Yesterday I felt I wos on the horse
But today I am in duda
And the whole day is a waste
Upside down in the Bermuda Triangle
And not able to move

Today I am in duda
Duda blues

So don't tell me baby
Today it won't work
I'll break the guitar
I'll burn the hantropod
And don't tell me 2 at night
For me it doesn't matter
Because if the shower doesn't work
I'll, I'll hospitalize myself

Today I am in duda
Duda blues

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