Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eli Magen-This is a Wonderful Hour

This is one of the best songs I've heard recently. It's so tender and emotional and the melody goes along perfectly with the sensitive lyrics. The song is part of a recent album (which you can buy and listen here) of new versions to songs by Hanoch Levin. I was first introduced to Levin in high school when we had to read his play Heffetz (Thing). Either you hated it or loved it, there was no in-between. It took me a while to get used to the language and to enter Levin's absurd mind but eventually I came to love the play and it's one of the texts I most vividly remember from that time. I'm used to knowing Hanoch Levin as a bold political satirist with no boundaries (Wiki info here). It's such a pleasant surprise to discover that he was also a very talented poet, it makes me want to read more of his work. I'm also very happy that I discovered Eli Magen. He's been around  as a guitarist for many top artists and here is another wonderful song of his. I don't know him but he seems like such a kind and modest person and a true artist who takes his work seriously. It's the beginning of Spring and I was just thinking today how these days, and nights, are the best of the year-when it's getting warmer and there's the promise of Summer, but just a whiff of it making you still appreciate the fact that you can wear long sleeves. Just a thought that came to my head when I heard this song.

This is a wonderful hour
Of a trembling heart,
And I would tremble if I could,
And I would sing and whisper in your ears
If I could sing and whisper,
This is a wonderful hour,
There was not, there won't be another one like it,
You lean over me, and I under you
Attentive without movement,
As if there will be in a moment something,
That I did not know before,
And you will get to know,
And I won't know.

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