Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ester Rada - Could it be

There were many memorable moments from October's inDnegev but I think that one of my favorites was when Ester Rada took the main stage on Friday night, prime-time hour right before the highly anticipated Biluim reunion, and sang this song. She spreaded good vibes in the crowd with funky songs like 'Life Happens' which soon afterwards became a radio hit-but we got to enjoy the freshness and discovery of hearing it for the first time. After a few songs she said that she wanted to say something serious which caught our attention and hushed us all. She said that this is a very special song for her and it means a lot to her to be able to play it live in front of so many people. And then she sang. I have to admit that up to that moment I was enjoying her music but that was about it. When she performed this song I really felt that I was connecting with her-and the whole audience swayed along with her under the cool desert skies. It was a perfect moment. And right afterwards she got us dancing again to more upbeat sounds. There's something really captivating about her calm and graceful stage presence, as well as her super confident singing. I'm so happy to hear that she's becoming a huge success. Her album was produced partially by Kutiman, the king of Israeli groove who just released a very cool mix of old Israeli sounds. Maybe you'll recognize some familiar faces! You can get Ester's EP over at her bandcamp and here's an interesting interview with her that gives some info on her background. It's also a perfect song just in time for Valentine's Day-for a refreshing change something deep and sweet and not at all corny!
Speaking of Valentine's Day here's a charming video based on a story by the always charming Etgar Keret.

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