Saturday, January 12, 2013

Old Man River- Old Shanghai

Beck just released his newest "single"-the chords and lyrics of"Old Shanghai", part of his very original songbook. I'm personally pretty jealous of everyone who can read chords and give the song their own unique interpretation but it's great just listening to the different versions. TimeOut Tel Aviv made a little project featuring 5 very different artists who all played the song. There was something about this specific version that really caught my attention and won me over. Maybe it's the simplicity, maybe it's Ohad Rein's singing which is not only pitch perfect but also really captures the emotion of the song. I can really imagine him wandering around in Asia absorbing all the wonders of an exotic place while being a bit homesick for the familiar and a certain someone. I remember hearing Old Man River's huge hit "La" back in '07 and it's great to hear him again. Since then he's released quite a few albums so I have a lot of catching up to do! I also found through his facebook a recent cover album with very original and unique covers which you can download for free! Made my weekend :)

When you're walking in old Shanghai
Lanterns under the night sky
See the moon begin to rise
Just like it did back home

Old men smoking in cafes
Junk boats floating in the bay
Think of me while you're away
In old Shanghai

With no ties, with no plan
Your last dollar in your hands
Take a picture and send it back
To someone you used to know

Things will always find their way
From the backroads to the bay
There's more to do than there is to say
In old Shanghai

Things will always find their way
From the backroads to the bay
There's more to life than you or I will ever say
In old Shanghai

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