Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hemi Rudner-Harvest Time

At first I was certain I'd write about Yair Lapid and the elections but then I came across this song and it's so lovely and peaceful that I don't feel like tainting it with politics. It's so soothing and perfect for a much needed catch of breath during exam period. Hemi Rodner is known for his melancholic and pretty songs (this one somehow feels very light) and he's also the leader of the 90s band which recently got back together Eifo Hayeled (where is the kid) with great anthems that are still very fresh and relevaent today like this one from '93(!)

In dreams I return
Return to that village of my childhood
The same place the same hour
The familiar smell of fruit trees

In dreams I remember
All that I forgot about myself
An endless twilight
Beautiful a little bleak half state of mind
I went back to my home and to my childhood

Maybe it's harvest time now
Collect yourself and be a father
The boy you are yearning for
Will miss you, be afraid, will love
Will be happy, laugh, be a father

Time doesn't give a passport
And the present is concrete blocks
You wonder what went wrong
Where did the fire go how not to despair
How to continue to dream how to continue
To dream

Maybe it's harvest time now

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