Saturday, February 24, 2018

Jeki & Rimoch - Corn Fields

I'm back from a break abroad and this is the perfect song to soften the fall before the harsh return to reality. Jeki & Rimoch is a stripped-down version of the epic space rock group "The Giant Lizards from Nibiru Planet" and this is probably one of my favorite Indie Kan videos so far. Watch until the end! Oh, and you can follow Jeki & Rimoch's adventures around the country here.

It was me who was walking in the corn fields
A ray of sunshine burns the corn's leaf
I remember very well how he took me there
At noon I was getting hot

The pupil opens and she looks different
How a hallucination connects
There's what to grasp, currents and she shakes
I give everything and she seems to accept
Yes in the corn fields

Take me there

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