Saturday, February 3, 2018

Eden Atad - Stagnation

At first I read the title of Eden Atad's new album as "Dory's dead" but while listening to it I realized that it might actually be "My generation is dead". Every track is worth listening to but there's something special about this song which manages to capture a familiar feeling in a new light.

We drove to the South on a hot day
To Klil's wedding
I turn up the music
When the parents talk
We don't hear them

My sister tells us about the factories
And the sinkholes
Yarden asks what the president's role is
And what is God's
We don't know

Something has to happen
Something has to move something
Maybe on Shavuot evening
The last holiday
And we'll finish the year
Maybe after the stagnation
A flood will come

My love hates word games
Silent in despair
Why is the United States entering Afghanistan?
We don't laugh

We'll never get there, I declare
Mia is nauseated
My dad says that the country is on the ropes
And I'm actually quite fine
As long as there's air conditioner

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