Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tomer Yeshayahu - The Arava Road

I'm driving down the Arava road
When you'll be big, they told me
There won't be an army
I was in love
When I received a draft order
Little children
We went out to dance back then in the kibbutz

The Minister of Transportation is guilty
Or the Minister of Economy
The Minister of Communications
Is the Prime Minister
The wife already went crazy
In the summer there's a war

We'll go to India
We'll take hard drugs
In Israel for already two years
They didn't call for reserve duty
We'll connect and lie down outside during the sunset
We'll stick out our tongues to the stars
Why are you crying?
She remembers Petah Tikva
7-hour flight


  1. !חשבתי על שלמה ארצי צעיר (פתאום אחר ימים רבים). נעים

  2. !כן, באמת יש דמיון. תודה