Saturday, July 15, 2017

Maya Polizer - Lighthouse

I originally planned on posting Maya Polizer's song "Shabbat in your heart" but in light of yesterday's terrorist attack it didn't feel right and it was a bit too joyous for my mood. So I was glad to discover Maya's stunning version of "Lighthouse" which was originally performed by the great Shoshana Damari in 1958. A beautiful beacon of light shining in the darkness.

He knew that there was no lighthouse on the coast,
But always, when he came back at night,
From the coast he would notice, in the darkness,
A wondrous light winking at him and rejoicing.

He knew that there was no lighthouse on the coast,
But there was always a light from the darkness.

She waited for him with salty lips,
He held her silently to him,
He promised: "I'll stay with you, sister!"
But at dawn he again slipped back into the sea.

He knew...

Once she clutched him tightly:
"Stay, because I can't take it anymore!"
He kissed both her eyes, and was silent;
But at dawn he was seen rowing again.

But at night, when he returned with water and darkness,
There was no more light shining like a lighthouse.

They found her on the beach, among the seashells.
And her heart was like a lump of black coal.
And only then the seagulls slowly revealed to him,
That her heart was a lighthouse to him.

He knew...

He then cupped her heart as well as he could,
Suddenly it was warm and shone again.
And today at the top of the cliff, at the head of a tower,
He gives light to every sailor at sea.

Because even though there is no lighthouse on the coast,
One heart always lights up from the darkness.

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