Thursday, January 23, 2014

HEXE feat. Avia Farchi- Alternate World

I must say that before I heard he was performing in Israel I hadn't heard of Son Lux, and even afterwards I didn't really get around to listening to his music. But then asked a few local artists to cover Son Lux songs. Most of the songs didn't leave a very strong impression on me, maybe because I was unfamiliar with the originals, but then I heard this one. It's so beautiful and successfully captures a very specific feeling and time. It also complements the original and feels very "Son Lux" while still maintaining its own personality. Since hearing it I've listened to Lanterns quite a few times and I just can't get enough of it-there's always something new to discover. HEXE is an intriguing collaboration between Jonathan Lipitz and Tamir Gordon and here's their latest single-I think I'm slowly diving into a new world of music... I wasn't able to find too much info about the very talented Avia Farchi-just that she's soon releasing her debut e.p and in the meantime here's a taste of her material in Hebrew.


  1. Shabbat shalom Daydreamer,

    I follow your blog since the middle of 2013 and tonight I would like to take the time to say TODA RABA to you!!!

    You have a keen sense of selecting songs - nearly every time you surprise me! And I learn a lot from your texts 'cause I'm not really familiar with the Israeli music scene.

    So thanks again for your trouble and that you are sharing your pearls with us:
    Go on and on and on, bevakasha!

    Have a nice weekend

  2. Thank you so much Niko! No trouble at all, without this blog I would never have discovered so many talented musicians so it's also very fun for me. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog and now it's my turn to wish you a good weekend! :)