Saturday, November 23, 2013

Malca Baya - State Of Love And Trust

A few days ago I came across the amazing cover of 'Jeremy', made by members of Orphaned Land (who are rapidly taking the world by storm), as part of the massive Bring Pearl Jam to Israel movement. You can read a bit about what Kobi Farhi has to say about it over here at Metal Hammer (respect!). I first came across Bring Pearl Jam to Israel with the cute "Eddie card" clip-over here an Addie card has a much more serious purpose-it means that you have signed your name as a potential organ donor. In any case it was a very original idea to endorse a fictional "Eddie" card showing your support for Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam were always one of those fantasy bands whom you dreamed of seeing live in Israel even though for obvious reasons the chances were always very slim. But radio host Ben Red, the person behind the campaign, realized that there is a very huge fan base in Israel ranging from 30 somethings who grew up listening to 'Ten' to teens who see in Pearl Jam something they can't find in other bands these days. What really made waves over here and also overseas was a very sweet and surprisingly emotional cover to 'Alive' made by kids from the 'Olam Hamuzika' Music School. What was very special was the enthusiastic support from Pearl Jam fans from around the world. Since then Israeli artists such as Geva Alon, The Blue Pill and now Orphaned Land have made covers to Pearl Jam classics lending their support. But my favorite has to be this one by the charming band Malca Baya. I love how they gave their own interpretation to the song and the video is so beautiful. There have been rumors that Vedder has been contemplating on whether to perform in Israel and has even met with Roger Waters to discuss the matter. I can only hope Vedder will come across what Gert from K's Choice said in response to criticism performing in Israel: "If all of us, everywhere and around the world (not just artists, I mean everyone and from every profession, and yes: activists, too) would decide only to work in countries whose leaders are righteous and pure at heart, there would be very little activity, and no progress whatsoever". (Gert's full response can be seen here, when you scroll down to Sep. 13, 2010). Whether Pearl Jam will come to Israel or not, you can't deny the strong community that's been formed and the wonderful music it's bringing with it.

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