Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Buttering Trio-Little Goat

I'm a little goat
My mother was a goat
But I still dare
Even though I'm small

After a very tense weekend it's such a relief to return to normalcy, even if it's just temporary. And what better way than to dig into Kol HaKampus' (the national college radio station) end of the year album chart? It was an outstanding year for Israeli music and Aviv Guedj really deserves to be #1. It was also a lot of fun discovering new music which I overlooked over the year for example Buttering Trio. I remember reading about them when they released their LP and being very curious, mainly because of the amazing cover art. I never really got around to listening to them, except for Falafel and Voyage which caught my eye on youtube. The album was made in Berlin, Tel Aviv and Kibbutz Dunietz and it makes a lot of sense when you listen to it. I love how each song has its own style and story and the band isn't afraid to experiment while still maintaining a signature sound. This specific song isn't from the LP-it might have been done as a parody but it's a really adorable and catchy song. It's also a sharp reminder that even though it's very easy to forget, we live in the Middle East and also happen to share a border with Syria. I really like the Arabic influence in the song and once you start thinking about it, it's quite surprising how unusual it is. I've heard grown ups recall with nostalgia the Friday afternoon Arab movies on the TV which everyone would watch and cry to and it's a pity it doesn't exist anymore. It reminds me of the clip I came across this week of IDF soldiers and Palestinians dancing together at a wedding in Hebron. It seems so hard to believe but then you realize that it's actually quite logical given the fact that they're so young. What I don't get is the criticism towards the IDF for suspending the soldiers. Of course they were suspended-they were on patrol! In any case, I hope that the new year will bring with it great Israeli music just as amazing as this past year and maybe even with some more local influences. Shana Tova!

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