Friday, November 23, 2012

Oren Barzilay-Bitter Moon

What an exhausting week. This morning I felt that I had so much to say about the cease-fire, about the international media, about everything really but it was all based on emotion. And as the day passed and the quiet settled in, reason began to take over and my common sense is telling me that no matter what I say it won't really change anything. What's done is done and now we have to live with the results in the best possible way. I'm sick of the news and I'm happy that my facebook friends have gone back to posting silly pictures and songs that don't have anything at all to do with the situation. I still find myself checking the feed to see if anything has happened, especially after I hear ambulance sirens, especially since yesterday's (yesterday?! it feels like ages ago) bomb attack. But things are much calmer, even if people are still tense because of lack of closure-we just kind of put things on hold until the next round and it's really only a matter of time before the rockets start drizzling again. So I want to enjoy this temporary quiet to (try to) relax and Oren Barzilay's new song is perfect for this. At first I wasn't digging the high vocals but the song has really grown on me and I can't imagine it sung differently. It's very dream like and reminds me of those magical hours before the day begins and reality takes over.

Scratches like a lion bites like a fighting dog
Loves like a prince, a boy in love
Drinks the air is if there will be no tomorrow

Eyes closed hands as delicate as fur
A stranger's sad sun
Another bitter moon and it's over

Quiet like he knows, his soul is addictive
A beautiful sparkle rises, dazzling beauty
Barking like a hungry man, a pain that saws through

Eye's closed hands as delicate as fur
A stranger's sad sun
Another bitter moon and it's over

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