Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dan Keinan-Stranger

I love living in the city-there's always something to do, more accuratly there's always the option of having something to do even when I don't feel like doing anything-which also becomes an option. I love to people watch and just walk around. But I'm so happy that I have a second home in Beer Sheva, outside of the city and outside of the center, where I can take a step back and slow down. It's not exactly green but it is a very welcome change of scenery. And then I have renewed energy to fall in love with the big city again. Anyways, this is one of the best songs I've heard recently and the clip catches the mood of the song perfectly. And to think that I was so close to missing it!

I have to get out of this city, it's not good for me
Bus noises, dust in the streets
Going out for a smoke, on the corner of Dizengoff  Arlozerov
Holocaust memorial eve, I can't find anything to eat

Stranger in a big city, roaming the streets
Lots of people, severe faces
Stranger in a big city, dreaming of green
The chirps of birds, sweet silence

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