Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drunk Machine - Fogg Future

Wow, this is so good-the drums, the guitar riffs, the singing-it all sounds like it was made from the gut-just like rock music should be. It's hard to explain how this loud music makes me calm but after a long and frustrating day (make that month) this is just what I need to relax. On another note, it's student day! there's definitely a festive atmosphere in the air and it's great to put everything aside and have a mini vacation. The performers were voted by the students and this year's line up is pretty impressive with Infected Mushroom, Shalom Hanoch, Idan Raichel Project, Aviv Geffen and more but I really wouldn't mind seeing something new and fresh like these amazing guys-who I'll make sure to catch live when the chance arrives. Gotta go!


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