Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Asaf Avidan-Different Pulses

So beautiful. This is much more than a video clip and really a work of art directed by the very talented Vania Heymann (remember the name!). The song itself is also great and goes perfectly with the video. Avidan rose to fame with the Mojos-I still enjoy listening to their first album except for Weak which got on my nerves because it was played so much. I only heard a few songs from their later albums, but I liked the fact that they were trying out new things even if it didn't always guarantee success. Now Avidan is flying solo and he's off to an amazing start. He has such a unique voice that it's so easy to make it a gimmick but here it goes wonderfully with the music and it's just right. You can really feel that he's matured as a singer and songwriter. He amazingly manages to sound so relevant and at the same time different than everything else out there.

My life is like a wound I scratch so I can bleed
Regurgitate my words, I write so I can feed
And Death grows like a tree that's planted in my chest
Its roots are at my feet, I walk so it won't rest

Oh, Baby, I am Lost...

I try to push the colors through a prism back to white
To sync our different pulses into a blinding light
And if love is not the key. If love is not a key.
I hope that I can find a place where it could be

I know that in your heart there is an answer to a question
That I'm not as yet aware that I have asked
And if that tree had not drunk my tears
I would have bled and cried for all the years
That I alone have let them pass

Oh, Baby, I am yours...




  1. This song is so beautifully done I have to comment and say so. The words [did he write them?] the music the video all so hauntingly beautiful. Its all a work of art and I hope the artist rises like a shooting star..Vania Heymann as well. I heard this first on the radio and was never given any info on the artist. I googled different phrases and found your blog and Asafs song. The video is incredibly touching and adds another dimension..it really brings it all full circle. Amazing piece of work.

  2. Hi, I know what it's like to hunt for a song you love so I'm glad you found it! Yes, Asaf Avidan wrote the lyrics as well as the music.