Saturday, June 2, 2018

Erez Dascal - Titanic


Once again I am swept into an adventure without arms and legs
And we pay for this nonsense later in blood
In blood!

I am dressed like a captain
And I imagine myself sailing
This cursed ship
Towards the safe haven
And all of the sailors are disabled
And I have no ears and eyes
My throat is hoarse with stupidity
And there's nowhere to sail
Because the ocean
Is so wide open
And the wind is waiting
For an opportunity to give wings
To give a slap in the eyelids
And bring with me to justice

Again I'm indifferent
To all the death around
And all the contempt and the soot
On the streets of Tel Aviv
It's giving me a heartburn
And why are you interfering?
Who gave you a license to drive
With me
Like a mule
Like pairs of shoes
In the markets of southern Tel Aviv

I know I'm lost
This game is addicted
To its own failures
It's trying me out with force
It has no heart and has no mind
There's only the power of inertia
And gravity

Admit it, you're mostly lost in all this
Trying to find a sign for a solution
And another car of opportunity has passed
We missed the moment
With salt water from the sea
We brought a small bucket of sand to bury all the mistakes
And we pay for this nonsense each time in blood
In blood!

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