Saturday, April 7, 2018

Lior Seker & Rita Kogan - In the City of Abandoned Armchairs

This is the first single from the EP "In the city of abandoned armchairs", an intriguing collaboration between Lior Seker's music and Rita Kogan's poems.

In the city of abandoned armchairs
Entire days grow short, the daylight fades
Melancholy twilight and prayers
Embraces the seashore within straits
From the skyline to the waistline
Of a bather, a nameless girl
She's a curved silhouette, dark and fine
Against a horizontal silent burn
Green eyes and red eyes
Flicker at us beyond the murky vail
Unraveled wishes and navigation lights
Upon a wondrous, winded trail

Translation is from Lior Seker & Rita Kogan's fb page.

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