Saturday, March 24, 2018

Maor Cohen feat. Doron Talmon - Come

So sweet! (and kind of relatable, lol)

Come let's see the sun shining
I'd rather sleep a little more
Maybe we'll take a walk on the grass
It's enough for me to look at the window

Maybe we'll play a record in the morning
It's a shame, it's such beautiful silence
So let's go to a movie at two
Let me finish my coffee

And now I'm going
If you want maybe come along
And maybe I'll come back
And maybe...

Let's rearrange the house
What's wrong with how it is now?
Maybe we'll fly to Paris tonight
Leave me, my back hurts

What will be with you, get out of the shell
The day is passing and you're not waking up...
Now say that you're going
Maybe you'll tell me to come along
And here you're coming back again
And maybe, maybe not anymore

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