Friday, June 9, 2017

Noy Roitenberg - Let's Talk

It's Pride week!! Actually, I'm a bit less excited because even though I fully support LGBTQ rights (and there's still a long way to go) and I fully support the right of over 200,000 participants to party at the pride parade, huge crowds in the heat have never really been my cup of tea. So I'm glad to take part in the festive day by sharing the music of Noy Roitenberg with you. Noy sings songs directly to women (you can't avoid this in Hebrew) which has raised quite a few eyebrows and marked her as 'a Lesbian singer' when she's so much more than that. I prefer to see her as a gifted singer/songwriter/guitarist with a wonderful talent for expressing complicated emotions in a beautiful way.
Here is what she wrote in FB, linking to a recent interview:
"I gave an interview for Maariv's Pride edition which will be published tomorrow.
Last week at a show in Jerusalem I said that in most of my interviews I'm asked if my music is just for lesbians.
I always repeat and say that I'm a proud lesbian, I'll continue to create music from my personal world and I'll never hide my sexual identity and in general my identity as a musician and this doesn't contradict the fact that my music is definitely not just for lesbians.
I write about the feelings inside me and I want to believe that we are all people who feel-whether it's related to a relationship or whether it's between us and ourselves.
We all have thoughts, fears, dreams, and desires.
Happy Pride day, to anyone who is proud of him/herself, in any field.
With great hope that one day being a lesbian won't make anyone make a face, but rather will be natural just like being straight."

Let's talk about what's going through your mind
About who you want to be
About what you're afraid to say

Let's embrace what erases your smile
Instead of being angry all the time
Let yourself loosen up a bit

And I'll contain for you all the sadness

Let's talk about what's going through your mind
You don't always have to go crazy
In order to see clearly

Let's give up on what takes up all your air
Make some room
For something new

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