Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Nahal Band - Shores

In memory of the great songwriter and composer Nachum Heyman who passed away this week. He composed so many Israeli classics but this is one of my favorites. Lyrics by Nathan Yonathan. There is also a famous version of this song sung by Chava Albertstein but there is something very special about this version, sung by the Nahal Band featuring Yardena Arazi and Efraim Shamir.

Shores sometimes yearn the river.
I once saw a shore
That the river abandoned
With a broken heart of sand and stone.
And a man, and sometimes a man can also
Remain abandoned without any strength
Just like a shore.

Also shells
Like shores, like the wind
Shells too sometimes yearn
The home we always loved
Which was and just the sea
Sings by itself its songs

So between the shells of a man's heart they sing songs of his youth

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