Saturday, July 9, 2016

Maureen Nehedar - Gole Gandom (Wheat Flower)

I've been following the tragic news in the U.S. but it's not really enough to understand the atmosphere there and what's on people's minds. It feels a bit like looking into a house from the street- you see what's going on, more or less, but not how the people there are feeling, or how they're communicating with each other. All I can offer is a few minutes of beautiful music from a far away land. Maureen Nehedar was born in Iran and made aliyah with her family as a small girl in 1980. This song is the first single from her new album which is devoted to Persian classical and folk songs set in new arrangements. Gole Gandom, meaning 'wheat flower', is based on a traditional Persian song and is a celebration of women harvesting the fields:

My yield has been ample
I no longer fear what the day will bring

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