Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mika Sade - Your Garden

God, this is even worse than that time we went to bed with Peres and woke up with Netanyahu. I wasn't following the Brexit campaign too closely because from the bits that I gathered it seemed that though the race was close, the U.K would ultimately decide to stay in the EU. Foreign reporters based in London reported an optimistic mood and a relief that this ugly campaign was soon going to be over. But then again, if you were in central Tel Aviv on the eve of the elections last year, you'd think that the left-wing Meretz was a leading party and that there was a real possibility that the Zionist Union, led by Isaac Herzog might pass Netanyahu's right-wing Likud. While in reality Meretz barely passed the threshold and the large majority of Netanyahu's supporters came from outside Tel Aviv. That's probably one of the reasons the results came as such a surprise. Even though polls were close, people didn't actually see the vote as so crucial because Remain supporters were surrounded by like-minded people and perhaps those who wanted to leave felt that they were in the minority.
This isn't the song I was planning to post today but I love its comforting tones and how it makes me think of a meadow, specifically a sunny English meadow. It feels like a nod to English folk songs and if you go even further back, to romantic poems like Wordsworth's "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud". Mika usually sings in Hebrew and though this is her first album in English, it's impossible to forget her sweet duet with Geva Alon, closing his album "The Wall of Sound".

I'm your prisoner
Locked and chained in flowers
Which never wilt

Almost your daughter
Locked and chained in longing
That never rests

How wish I could
Take your hand and
Walk you to your garden
Blossom is nicer when you're there

I'm your doom
Locked and kept in memories
That constantly grows in the dark

Almost your lover
Locked in a box of treasure
That will never open again

How I wish I could
Take your hand and
Walk you to your garden
Blossom is nicer when you're there

I see you in every flower
When you're alone and quiet
I miss you

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