Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gili Yalo - City Life

Yes! A new single from Gili Yalo! I know Yalo from the awesome Zvulon Dub System and it's great to hear a different and more personal side of him. Not only that, but he's also embracing his roots while adding his own groove. The city is lucky to have him!

Who's gonna tell you when your time is up
Who's gonna flip a coin and change your luck
Back then when you still had your strength
It used to be so clear
Now you drowning in your own shade
Embracing your fears

City life got me begging
I must get up now

You've always reached out a hand
Now where are your friends
Everybody is busy making money
You can't pay the rent
Strugglin' to walk upright, did find out you can't
'Cause above your shoulders you carry a heavy weight

City life got me begging
I  must get up now

Gotta get up right now from this crowded place
There is too much pressure got to get yourself some space
Won't you get out of here
While you still have a chance
Because it ain't working

City life got me begging
I must get up now

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