Thursday, October 9, 2014

Yossi Banai-Kapparot Chicken

What a fitting song to accompany the season's first rainfall, not to mention the festive holiday atmosphere which sets everything in a different light. Many say that autumn isn't really a season over here but I don't think so-it's brief but also quite magical with its unexpected days and suprisingly chilly nights. This is the last song that the great Yossi Banai recorded before he passed away in 2006 and it's one of my favorites. He was so soft and charming till the very end.

In autumn always in autumn in quiet and stillness
My memories embark on the back of a small cloud
And they float above the ground
To savor in all the landscapes of time

And as always in autumn I sadly part
From a summer whose end we now see
And among thirsty leaves I stand like a teenager
Curiously waiting for the winter to arrive

I remember a Kapparot chicken
A little bird on a roof
Angels walking on walls
White tablecloth on every holiday

In autumn always in autumn voices come back to me
Which in time have passed and are gone
And they carry with them holiday songs and prayers
And they carry with them a world that has dissapeared

But deep in my heart my soul always returns
To the market stalls and sugar candy
Distant romances residues of tradition
And fire chestnutes in the taste of cold winter...

I remember a Kapparot chicken...

In autumn always in autumn my father quietly returns
From the welcoming land of silence
And he looks at me and his soul is silent
And again he makes his way to the end of time

The heart is a blue cloud and a gusty wind blows in it
From every thirsty leaf ghosts call me
I see brothers and a loving family
And a small childhood city which is a bag of sighs

I remember a Kapparot chicken

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