Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tal Fogel-Character Assassination

I had a good time at the Yaarot Menashe festival, probably because I wasn't expecting too much-the atmosphere was very laid back (at times maybe too laid back) and there was an interesting mix of young urbanites looking for a chance to escape the city, families looking for a weekend activity and teens looking for a bit of freedom. The festival had something for everyone but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. The concerts were enjoyable but it was hard to find artists that were both new and exciting-artists like Tal Fogel. I didn't see Fogel's performance so I can't say how it was but I feel that she represents what festivals like Yaarot Menashe should be about-artists just on the tip of success who need and deserve the exposure. I think I saw her performing at Ashan Hazman's annual anti-valentine event a few years ago. I don't remember much (expected, on anti-valentines), only that I really liked her voice and her modest attitude-she joked about playing a song that was so unknown it wasn't even on youtube-which was a shame. Now she has a debut album and it's great to see her gradually gaining recognition outside of the Beer Sheva scene because with her edgy yet sensitive style it's hard to remain indifferent to her.

Where time begins to rebel
I rebel in return
Where the leg shortens
It's time to shout out loud
Out loud

A lifetime on a point in the mountain
It's the same colors, it's not seeing
Getting lost in the stream
Is drowning in still water
Just not still water

To load the shiny tools
All the way to the battle
To forget an old voice on the way
And dig the face you once loved
The face you once loved

Character assassination here it comes
This truth will hurt
My truth will hurt me
Character assassination to rise up and to destroy
This truth will break out
This truth will conquer

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