Saturday, April 5, 2014

Omri Nobel-As of Today

As surprising as it may sound given my Eastern European roots, I really love old school Mizrahi music style Zohar Argov and Haim Moshe. It almost always suits my mood and reminds me of when my neighbors in Be'er Sheva would throw parties on Saturday nights when I had to study-at first I would be bothered but it eventually became the perfect soundtrack to help me focus. On the other hand Kareoke parties with more modern music are a completely different story... I love how Omri Nobel took Zohar's classic and gives it his own twist emphasizing its timeless lyrics. I also love the clip-even though it's sometimes more expensive than the supermarket nothing beats buying fresh fruit and vegetables at the local grocer, especially when it's accompanied with friendly small talk. In fact, I've come to realize that finding the right grocer, baker, tailor and hairdresser are what really makes a new city feel like home.

Every day I rip a page from the board
Sunday is sad
Monday I'm happy
And Tuesday is a new day

On which I'll lie on my back
I'll roll over on my stomach
And the mind runs
Oh...working my ass
In the mezuzah I'm a slave
And the mind runs

Every day I become from substance to dust
Sunday is black
Monday I shine
And Tuesday is a new star

On which I'll lie on my back...

Every day I wait for a good ending
Sunday almost
Monday you dissapear
And Tuesday I'm alone

And then I'll lie on my back...

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