Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tzook-All The Glasses Are Empty

I can't believe it's already March, and with it the "Winter" we've had is pretty much over. I feel like I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to the rain... Even though the skies are blue this is a perfect Winter song and video. I didn't find too much information about Tzook-just that this is his first single from his upcoming album which he produced on his own. Very promising.

Friday night
The mood is personal
Sitting with her on a bench
Yesterday a miserable heart was broken
Wolves in the crowd
I became good at dreaming
I prey in my daydreams
And don't let her peek
She'll try too much
I'll repeat my steps

Drops, walk between them
All the glasses are empty
My plenty feels less
Couples and more couples
In all of the streets
And what from this remains
What will happen to me if you'll leave tomorrow

And I try
To complete the act
To run to that same mountain
That I marked years ago
Running at an uneven pace
You're watching in the audience
And my age presses on the side
Thinking of Lennon running on the path nearby
Maybe I lost precious time
I think and get up to sing

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