Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Men of North Country - The North

I'm a bit ashamed to admit this but I haven't been to Northern Israel since last summer, and it feels even longer. I really miss the green scenery and chilly starry nights. I remember since I was a kid  the drives up to the North with family and later with friends (our first big trip away from home!) when the radio stations would change so we would play our favorite CDs and get into "vacation mode". This weekend two great music festivals will be held in the North: Jacob's Ladder and Yearot Menashe. The first will be by the Cinneret (Sea of Galilee) and the second in the middle of a forest(!). Both are dream locations for a getaway from the city and really come alive with the variety of musicians and music lovers you can find in both places.
The Men of North Country are Yashiv Cohen (lead singer), Doron Farhi and Boaz Wolf from Electra (guitar and drums), Sefi Sizzling from Funkn'stein and the Ramirez Brothers (trumpet), Ongy Sizzling from Coolooloosh (Sax), Ido Kretchmer (trombone) and Jonathan Ydov from Ta'ani Esther (bass). What I love about this band is that it feels like they're just a good group of friends who love to play Northern Soul together and have some fun. Along the way they became a huge success abroad and are gaining popularity over here as well. They'll be playing on Saturday at Ya'arot Menashe.
Here's a clip of theirs shot during the 2011 protests (feels like it was ages ago) very fitting for May 1st. And here's a very cool remix of the song by Markey Funk
Here's an article on how the band came to be.
You can buy their music here and follow them around the world here
*Just noticed this is my 150th post!!!

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