Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nadav Azulay and Gil Nemet-From the Earth

So the end of the world came and went and of course nothing serious happened-except for
a crazy thunderstorm which vanished as quickly as it arrived. So mankind (probably) isn't going to be extinct anytime soon. Whew! However one thing that I'm always hearing about which is in danger of becoming extinct is rock music. Not shoegaze, electro, folk, acoustic, etc... just pure well written and well played rock music. I personally don't think it'll ever be extinct-just harder to find. This sounds at first like a pretty simple song but then I realized how it's been quite a while since I heard something like this-and it really shouldn't be that way. Azulay released an excellent debut album in '09: and he's also a Beer Sheva based producer for local artists. He's been performing with Gil Nemet for quite a while and they sound great together. It's hard to put my finger on it but there is a Beer Sheva feel to their sound-maybe it's in its humble yet very powerful sound and lyrics, maybe because it's just a good song without being too fashionable, I'm not really sure. In any case it's a very good song and a brilliant clip (featuring some Beer Sheva celebs) you'll want to watch 36 times (in full screen!).

It's not that we didn't check
We were careful
There was a perfect plan
Without blocks
Even in the sky you discover holes
At once
Burn the bridges

From the missing words I could conclude
While we argued we could have succeeded
It's no longer pleasant to be silent
But how do I stop?
A ring in my ears alerts

And in replay look back on everything that happened
Another great breath of fuel
Close your eyes
Swallow your tongue
Tonight you won't go to sleep

From the earth
From the depths of the forest
I'm arriving
I'm arriving
Standing on the wall
And holding on to the gate
I'm arriving
I'm arriving

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