Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back to Zion - Jah Love

Jah love take care of me
Most of the day and all of the night when my heart begins to be confused
Your faith in the nights is what will give me the strength to live

This past weekend I was at the wonderful inDnegev festival which took place in the desert in the middle of nowhere (40 min from Be'er Sheva but it felt like in another world). Lots of sand, sun, good music and good people-just what I needed to recharge before going back to school (I'm already exhausted and it's only been 3 days!). Unfortunately I didn't get to see these guys perform but I did get to hear them from the tent area where we were wondering whether to make coffee in the sweltering heat (in the end caffeine won). I really believe that the first song you hear in the morning sets your mood for the entire day and this was a perfect energetic yet laid back start. The clip also really captures the free spirited feel of the festival and wide variety of different styles and sounds (it might be an indie festival but it's so much more than just alternative rock bands). Plus it makes me want to visit Jerusalem which has a unique vibe that's so refreshing from Tel Aviv. There's something in the air that makes even the most cynical and secular feel at least a bit spiritual.


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