Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tzvika Force - For Breaking My Heart

It's hard to believe that in two weeks it'll be September. I was in the mall the other day and was stunned to see Back to School sales when I haven't even started my summer vacation yet. I can't wait for September-no teens packing the streets, no papers and most importantly (hopefully) no air condition, with whom I've developed a serious love/hate relationship. This song feels like Autumn in England-I can almost feel the breeze and see the scarves and jackets (jackets! long sleeves!). It's also a really excellent song that stays with you for quite a while. A force to be recognized!

Staring at your matches
Pull it in and backwards.
Hold on.

Forest's built for ages
And erased in hours.
Hold on.
Hold on.

Don't you miss the time
We sat under the cypress?
Holding on.

Putting arms around him
Promise he will blossom.
So hold on.
Hold on.

And you owe me answers!
Why you got into this danger?
Why you're breaking my heart slowly?
You owe me answers!
Why you got into this bandage?
Instead of into my heart , surely.
Do you really think it's time
We should go and end it forever?

An empty box of matches
Leaves a lot of black dust.
That's holding on.

Planting all your roots
Inside my choking lungs.
That's all you ever did.

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