Friday, June 15, 2012

Einav Jackson Cohen-Kiss Me

I really like Sivan Shavit's song Kiss Me. I think I've written how it really gives the atmosphere of riding fastly in the car on the way from the north with someone special. It has that great tension and really manages to capture the intimacy of a car ride. Einav Jackson Cohen slows the ride down putting more focus on the lyrics. It feels less like a car ride on the highway and more like a slow ride into space. Einav has a beautiful voice and manages to turn what could have just been a regular cover into something much more unique and emotional. I still have goosebumps.

The original as shown in the excellent film Walk on Water. Amazing scene:

You can get the song for free here:

We're both riding in the car
I don't know where we'll go
When the wheel is in your hands
You always have to surprise
I can't stop
Looking at your face in the mirror
And you feel every movement
Send a caress to my lips

We're both riding in the car
You tell me that the ride will be long
And that I can fall asleep
And afterwards you'll tell me everything that happened
I don't sleep
Counting stars through holes in a blanket
And you with a cigarette in your mouth
Sing with the radio a love song

Kiss me hard
Kiss me till it hurts
And the sun won't set
You are the one and only
My wonderful love
And I love you

We're both riding in the car
I wish we could ride forever
You think that I
Long ago fell asleep and am not listening
How you with a cigarette in your mouth
Sing to me with the radio a love song

Kiss me hard...

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  1. Not a fan of slow and atmospheric pieces, but I love this one. Again, great choice :)