Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chen Aharoni-Sit still child

The National Holocaust Memorial Day begins tomorrow evening, but it's been in the headlines since the beginning of the week, mainly talking about the extinction of the survivors-yesterday paper's headline was the quite alarming "Every hour a holocaust survivor dies". It went on to talk of the sharp increase of poverty and loneliness among the survivors. I remember when I was younger hearing that I belong to one of the last generations (if not the last) that will personally know holocaust survivors and that's why it's so important to learn their stories to pass on to the next generation. It's interesting to note how we remember the holocaust today and one of the ways of keeping the memories alive is the music project "Voices to Remember" which started last year. Here's some info on the project:
 "The Voice Still Remains" – Songs for Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day, is a special project of the Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs and the Reshet Gimmel radio station. Israeli artists compose and perform songs about memories of the Holocaust, and preserving them in music, sounds and notes. A personal angle on the horrific past, through contemporary Israeli creative works. As the generation of witnesses to the voice of the Holocaust passes from this world, it is our duty to preserve the memory and speak about the heroism, bequeathing them to coming generations and ensuring that, forever, "The Voice Still Remains." Some of the songs are new interpretations to classic songs while others are completely new, like this one by Chen Aharoni. Here's what Aharoni says of his song:
"The main motive that lead me in a search for a song for the project was my level of emotion. It was important for me to really be moved from the song. When I turned to Sahar Hagai to write for me the text it was clear to him that he wants to write a letter/type of will that a mother leaves to her little boy when she is taken from him and leaves him to face his destiny. He asked me a quite shaking question "if you were there with your mother and she would have left you a last letter what would she have written?" My mother (being named Tikva [hope]) is the most optimistic person I know so I answered right away "She would have written me that everything will be okay. She would have written me something optimistic." Sahar articulated that exactly "Even in the fragmented milestones you will be able to find on your own your way". The text met the touching melody by Lauren Benjamin and together they were wrapped in a rich musical production by Uri Avni. I listened to the final result and shed a tear. I was moved."
The song really is emotional and I love how there's optimism in it, despite the sadness of growing up much too quickly. I also love how it really sounds like it was made today and isn't just a mimic of an older version. Usually, I'm not into Chen Aharoni's music but here he really showcases his talented voice and this song is perfect for him.

Sit still child
Sit quietly here
Between the drops of rain
They are the tears of time
Don't open a door
For the great pain
Forever in the imagination
Another thirst hugging hunger

Sit still child
Sit quietly here
Between the walls of the room
The small room
Don't go out
Don't go there
You're allowed to dream a smile
When you fall asleep

Color this gray with light blue
Listen, between the bundles there is also a tune
Know, even in the fragmented milestones
You can find on your own
Your way

Sit still child
Sit quietly here
Against the people of the herd
The humiliated herd
Let us go
Do not come to me
Watch your steps
Count my steps

Color this gray with light blue
Listen, between the bundles there is also a tune
Know, even in the fragmented milestones
You can find on your own
Your way

Remember mother playing (an instrument) and father praying
Remember yourself running gleefully on the way to the garden
Remember mother not shouting and father not crying
Remember yourself running on the way like a not withering flower

Color this gray with light blue...

Here's the complete collection of songs http://www.hakolot.co.il/new2012/songs2.php


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