Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jack In The Box - Redy redy

It's been quite a while since I've had such a great song stuck in my head and actually grew to like it more and more. When I first saw this video my first thought was "this is way too hipster" but you get the feeling that this is who Jack in the Box are and quickly stop caring about it. I love how the bandmates chime in and there's a feeling that they're having a really fun time. At first I thought the song was complete nonsense and then I saw that it's actually a modern poem by Aaron Shabtai published in the highly acclaimed (and controversial) poem magazine Maayan. I can just see in my head the band members flipping through the magazine, seeing the poem and making a song out of it, just for fun. I first came across Jack in the Box through a video they did for the Indie City project for last year's white night. They performed "Cafe Adir" in Kerem HaTeimanim (vineyard of the Yemenites), one of my favorite neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. What's so great about the video isn't just the original song but the encounter between Jack in the Box, who are clearly out of their comfort zone, and the residents of the neighborhood who probably don't usually listen to that kind of music, which is in itself very fresh in the music scene. There's a feeling that the authenticity of the neighborhood is dying away with the older generation and as rent prices just get higher and higher there'll likely be a completely different feel to the neighborhood in 20 years (or even earlier).

Get off get off get off
From the sinking Aaron ship

Get off get off get off
From the sinking Aaron ship

Shame on your shoulders
Too bad about your neck

You have bougainvillea hair

You have bougainvillea hair

Make yourself carrot juice
Make yourself beet salad

But I can't get off
From the sinking Aaron ship

I can't and don't want to,
I'll go ahead

Can't and don't want to,
I'll go on





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