Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ruth Dolores Weiss - When I Left the Room

I always thought it would be cool to release an album of covers to my favourite songs, making them my own and sharing my diverse music taste with the world, a la Johnny Cash. The fact that I have absolutely no musical skills is beside the point. Anyways, the very talented Ruth Dolores Weiss just released a cover album of her favourite songs and this song was released as her first single off of it. At first I thought it was a cover of a forgotten jazz song by Nina Simone or Ella Fitzgerald which Ruth spiced up a bit but that's just about it but then I saw that the original is by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, one of my favourite bands. Only after I heard the original which is a really great song, by the way, I felt that Ruth really made the cover her own and it works perfectly and naturally.

He used to make me feel
Like I could do no wrong
I sang a happy tune
His name was in my song

But now his eyes foretell
Only impending doom
And I just wanna know
What he said when I left the room

We had a plan
That if we sacked away
We`d go and buy that place
Down in Santa Fe

Then some kids
Oh they would follow soon
But I just gotta know
What he said when i left the room

Paranoia heart destroyer
I feel like I could die
My mind is gone `cause you moved on
Still I don`t know why

Voices in my head
Ring like a sonic boom
Oh I gotta know
What he said when I left the room

He left a year ago
With my record collection
Now all I have
Is my own reflection

I reckon if he moved
Away to the moon
I`d still wanna know
What he said when I left the room

the original:


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