Saturday, March 26, 2011

Maya Isacowitz - Is it alright

Wednesday morning opened with a series of very unpleasant noises. First there was the alarm at 5:30 which woke me up from a dream, I remember thinking "not again" and quickly getting everyone into the stairway, then we heard the explosion, immediately afterwards we heard screams and then we started to hear ambulance sirens. It took me a while, but I fell asleep at around 8, only to be woken up by another hit at 9:30 and going through everything again. The whole day was pretty stressful, I'm usually a quick walker and noticed that this time I wasn't the only one. And then there was the news in the afternoon about the bomb in Jerusalem, where one (a Christian Scottish tourist who came to Israel to study Hebrew so that she could translate the bible to the language of Congo) was killed and 70 severely injured. Right now the scariest part is that we're all uncertain what's next and where we're going. I've always hated uncertainty. This is a really beautiful song, and I especially love the violin part. Maya is supposed to perform at the wonderful Jacob's Ladder folk festival in May, and I plan on going and catching her act, but of course who knows what will be in May. Who knows what will be tomorrow.


  1. One of the best songs of the year. Bruno

  2. I like even more her new single "Brave Again"

  3. Maya ~~~ Really great music..!
    Larry Taylor, Oklahoma