Friday, February 4, 2011

Avigail Roz-Half Consolation

What a tense week. It's surprising how quickly confusion can turn into fear. It seemed like when Mubarak gave his speech we were all holding our breaths to see how the protesters would react. Their first shouts of joy were too optimistic and it wasn't surprising that they were quickly followed by demands to resign immediately. I know that afterwards there were very violent clashes between the protesters and supporters of the government (who might actually be cops) but I was tired of following the news, as much as an interesting story this is- after all it is the first revolution I'm following live and it is proof that when people unite they can achieve great things. If it weren't such a huge threat to my country I might even be a supporter of their mostly peaceful demonstrations- it is quite justified. I hate these days of uncertainty and tension. A few days ago I got on a bus and this song was playing. At first I thought that it was just a nice song and nothing more- even a bit too short to be a single, but it refused to leave my head the whole day. I was much happier to have this in my head rather than opinions I heard on the news. It's a bit comforting to remember that there are other problems in the world like not finding the right one and although it's melancholic it actually ends on a positive note- sort of. And I like the clip. Getting a glimpse of the streets of Tel Aviv on a sunny day is always a welcoming sight during these wintery days. I really liked Avigail's first big single "And Maybe" and was wondering where she disappeared so it's nice to hear her again.

I've decided not to depend on anyone
Anyways most of the time I'm alone
Sitting all day drinking coffee
Fighting for a good song to come out from me

Most of the time alone
Half choice
I'm better of alone
Then with people
Who make me feel bad.
Most of the time alone
A quarter choice
A quarter loneliness
Half consolation.
So I decided not to depend on anyone
And I'm not some person who takes care of everyone
I can't expect to be given and to give only what I have
So I'm alone that's what there is

Most of the time alone...

So I decided to rise a bit
And go down the stairs
What do I care to stay
What do I care another place

Most of the time alone...

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