Friday, January 14, 2011

Izhar Ashdot & Rona Kenan-A Moment

A perfect duet between two artists who really seem to enjoy performing together. I love how their voices harmonize with each other in this simple and lovely song about meeting an old lover and the familiar feeling of frozen time. I really love both of these singers-especially Rona Kenan-it seems that everything she touches turns to gold.

How does it happen each time again
I run into you like a blind person, in the middle of the street
I'm sorry, you're just so familiar
to someone I once knew from up close

A moment and time will stand still
Freezing in the reflection
Of a shop window
And like a fragment of memory,
You were suddenly in me
We talked about nothing
and about love.

You have the same blue northern glance
The same smile hiding
an angle of embarrassment
The same transparent face
The same movement of the ankle
Crushing the cigarette
On the sidewalk

A moment and time will stand still

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